Su Jok Therapy

Su Jok Therapy


Su Jok Level Meaning of Su Jok therapy.

1-    History & Development

2-    Principles of Yin

3-    Main Su Jok Correspondence Systems in hands and feet Standard System Insect System Mini System

4-    Secondary and Partial Correspondence Systems

5-    Additional Treatment Systems e.g. Yoga system

6-    Locating therapeutic points with a diagnostic probe

7-    Seed Therapy

8-    Treatment types Basic Energy Treatment and use of moxa · Health & Safety aspects · Basic Methods of Treatment on hands and feet: Ø Diagnostic probes Ø Metal stars Ø Magnet stars Ø Magnets Ø Massage rings Ø Roller and tubular massagers Ø Seeds of plants (for external stimulation) Ø Needling – Utilizing special Su Jok micro needles which are extremely fine and short Ø Colour and several other strategies are demonstrated that are equally as effective. Level I (Cycle 2) includes: · Energy Flow Therapy Ø Peripheral Energy System Ø 12 Byol Meridians + Governing and Conception Vessels Ø What is Byol Meridian therapy Ø Tonification and Sedation of Meridians Ø Chakras Ø Chinese Theory of 5 Elements Ø Introduction to and basic treatment of Six Energies (6 Ki) Ø Colour therapy


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