The Importance of Nature Cure

The Importance of Nature Cure


The Importance of Nature Cure

In present-time environment, pollution in the cities has reached a dangerous level. Modern life-style and the highly competitive work culture give rise to acute stress, acute tension and high blood pressure.

Naturopathy is the only system, which plays important-role in ridding the human body of poisonous toxins through natural means like Yoga, Health and fitness related activities which create proper physical, mental and spiritual balance, resistance and immunity against diseases.

Allopathic drugs have made tremendous achievements and can cure various diseases in a short time. It is common knowledge that most of the drugs produce toxic side effects and reduce vital resistance power, making body liable for further illness.

The resort provides scientific elements of Nature : Earth, Water, Sun, Air and Sky. The system is based on the principle that treatment through the drugless system of Naturopathy and Yoga. The patients are treated by five human body is capable of curing itself.


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