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UNIVERSALYOGA: is the place to re-start the authentic Indian traditional yoga which encompasses all the major branches of yoga, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Power, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and Raja Yoga .Yoga is often understood as being synonymous with physical exercise, but this is only one aspect. The aim of an integral approach is to develop and balance all aspect of one’s being - body, mind, emotions and psyche - leading the practitioner towards a more harmonious state of being. It explores and draws out knowledge from the ancient yogic and presents this in a practical form to the modern world.


Yoga Class


Class description let you know what you're getting into when you join one of our fabulous classes. You can choose that's right for you, both in style and intensity, please note the class levels



Partner Yoga

Yoga means union. Develop greater trust, sensitivity and understanding as we sustain our partners with our presence, breath, and support through Partner Yoga. Most important, it is FUN! We laugh together as we strengthen and stretch the body!

Working with partner helps you to open your body more deeply than you could do it alone, for optimal benefits. In partner yoga, it is not how perfectly you execute a posture, it is how much you enjoy the posture.

In poses and exercises, partners rely on each other's support to keep correct body alignment, balance, and concentration. Partner yoga offers something unique to partners by fortifying trust and communication.

Please note that partner yoga is appropriate for all levels - and no yoga experience is necessary!

In this Partner Yoga, you will be guided safety into:

- Doubles yoga: where both people do the same posture simultaneously, mirroring each other, balancing and counter balancing to co-create the posture.

- Partner - Assisted Yoga: where one person gives adjustments, weight traction or massage to help the other experience the pose more deeply.

- Contract Yoga: where partners do different postures in an interactive way.





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